We have just finished providing first aid to the Stamford Shakespeare Company for their season at Tolethorpe, 3 great productions. Julius Ceaser, Twelth Night and Blithe Spirit (always good to have one non Shakespeare) Our team were well received by the whole company and even more welcomed by those that needed our support.

Hayley was our most frequent first aider at the theatre this is a picture of her relaxing between performances!

We also had 2 great days at Stow Cum Quy for the ancient oak medieval Fayre, interestingly placed next to the have a go at archery stand! Luckily the only injury from that stand was a scratch from a feather!

Mental Health First Aid training is taking up most of our time at the minute; we now have a full range of courses to suit everyone. And have started delivering. The emotion that these courses bring to the surface makes them at times delicate but so rewarding. We want to make the courses as effective as possible so have included lots of activities to support.


DR ABC is going to become a book in 2020, we are working behind the scenes to ensure this is ready for the new year.

We have worksheets and playing cards in production to support learning of first aid skill for children.

At DS Events and Training we have been very busy behind the scenes. We are in the process of updating our website to reflect our 3 core areas. We clearly needed a bit of a boost and Gem has joined us to push us in the right direction.

We also have a competition during September for children to design a triangular bandage.